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Are you doing a ZX Next  / PC version? Would be sweet



Sin duda es uno de los mejores juegos de los últimos años. Animo a todo el mundo a hacerse con él, merece realmente la pena. ¡Enhorabuena a todo el equipo de desarrollo!

Embelesado estaba jugando... y puedo decir:

Por el precio, prácticamente "simbólico", y la  diversión que ofrece con una calidad increíble, además que se ve que está hecho con muchas ganas y pensando en el usuario final ... 

Tokimal no defrauda en absoluto en ninguno de sus aspectos. Como prácticamente todo el "homebrew" que estamos viendo actualmente.

Prefiero, y siempre lo haré, juegos así y, obviamente,  "máquinas" de 8 bits antes que una PS5 (p.ej.) con todo su catálogo...aunque fuera  completamente gratis.

Alguien que no ha vivido nuestra época no lo entenderá jamás...y lo siento mucho por ellos, pero (egoístamente) me alegro por mi.

Y paro ya que se me ha metido algo en el ojo 😢.

Gracias por leer este cuasi alegato 😂😂. JUEGAZO!!! 8 bits forever!!! ♥️♥️♥️

Mil gracias!

Buenas tardes, ¿hay alguna posibilidad de conseguir la edición coleccionista de Tokimal?, no me enteré del lanzamiento en físico 😭

Muchas gracias y seguid creando juegos así. 

Hola, pues ya es imposible. Esa edición se hizo por pre-order y había que llegar a un mínimo para poder producirla. El fabricante de cajas requiere una cantidad mínima.

Para no perderte futuras ediciones síguenos por Twitter (@patmorita) que allí lo anunciamos decenas de veces, o en la cuenta de Facebook (

Si nos sigues en también lo anunciamos por aquí, pero mejor en las redes que es donde estamos más activos.

Video-Análisis de este estupendo juego

Fantastic tape guys, just wanted to compliment you on it. Love the green :)

ZX machine has very interesting colors at developers choice. So this is one more ZX interesting title!

Hia I'm trying to load this onto a real ZX Spectrum +2A/+3 128K but can't manage it from either tape or dsk files ... As soon as it finishes loading it just reboots into 48k BASIC, does it work on the Amstrad Spectrums or is it only compatible with the Sinclair 128k? I get the loading screen and the loading bars are all normal, no flashing.

Hello, it should work perfectly in Amstrad models. In fact I have a Spectrum +2A to test the games. It sounds weird. The game uses all memory banks, please try to make a RAM test in your machine. 

Hi Pat, thank for the confirmation that it should work, I'll try a RAM test as I've had some other games fail since I posted the message.

Update to say it was a RAM issue - even though all RAM tests passed, I swapped it all out and boom game works perfectly - and all the others that didn't work either. It's a brilliant game too, thanks very much!

Perfect! Happy to know you can play it now. ;)

Wow sad to see the physical copies have sold out already :( I was waiting for this for ages and now I finally get the link to buy from the Crash magazine and the pre orders are closed?

Obra maestra ! Otro gran juego del Pat Morita Team.  Buenos gráficos, color espectacular y gran  jugabilidad. Uno de los mejores juegos de plataformas en nuestro spectrum. Muchas gracias!

Muchísimas gracias por tu comentario. ❤

Has anybody else having issues with the left (o) control after collecting the shoes on the 4th screen??? Monkey jumps and jerks left and right in air..... I'm using original Toastrack and played using keys 6,7,8,9 & 0 (sinclair joystick mode) and works fine, just makes things difficult while swimming! Any suggestions or upgrades for this glitch guys? Great game otherwise and the extended mode is something else! 

What kind of issue? we have not had any problem with control until now. Please, if you could give us more details it would be great.

I've emailed you. It only happens ony the 128k toastrack. I've ran the game on a Harlequin 128k and no worries. Simply put, once I get to screen 4 at the ledge where the shoes power are obtained, and jump left, the ape jumps but jerks from left to right so loses control. It onky affects left jump. Runs left OK. runs and jumps right OK, but then this is continued from then on. Restarting after losing the lives makes the glitch go away then once I'm at that spot it does the same thing. Pleasr note this only happens using O as left. using 6 or J there is no problem. Also I use the toastrack on any other game with O as left so no worries with the key itself. 


Thanks, I answered your email. 

Luckily we tested the game in a Toastrack UK and everything is fine. Must be a specific problem on that unit.

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Tokimal is obviously very well done and fun. Sweet GFX. Not a fan of flip screen, but it works. A great achievement on the Spectrum. BUT. As a huge Toki fan I am quite disappointed that you ditched the classic 8-way shooting that IMHO defined Toki's gameplay in favor of a bland horizontal shooting. It's not much an homage, more like a spin off in a completely different direction.  I was pumped when I heard about the game, but this choice of yours was a big letdown for me.

Sorry, we said from the very begining of development that the game was not going to be a Toki arcade port. It started as a joke and became a bigger game finally. 8-way shooting was never included in our plans since there are not flying enemies. Homages can be done in several ways, this is ours. 

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It's your game, of course you can do whatever you want with it. And it's good and I bought it. Strange though you say there are no flying enemies, cos in fact there ARE (spear dropping ghosts and bouncing monkeys already in level 1) and they beg to be shot from below. Nevermind.
Will the physical edition be posted from a EU country? 

Yes you are right. I meant the first flying enemies in arcade game. Later we added some enemies that go over you.  I think the game would be too easy with that feature. 

We will send the tapes from Spain, yes. We will announce a pre-order period here and via Twitter and other social networks. 

Thanks for your comments, we really appreciate feedback from all the people who play our games.  

Fantastic game and i want Tokimal 2 NOW hahahahahahaha!!!

I uploaded Arcade mode longplay 1CC and next goal extended mode.

Thanks! We are glad you enjoyed it. Extexted mode has more nice surprises and a bigger challenge. A snowboard is waiting for you! 😉

Got it, thanks!

Thank you. Enjoy it. 

Where can I post some bugs I've found?

I don't care, I love this game as is, but maybe you want to know about them :-)


You can email us to


agregale la etiqueta demake 

Hecho! gracias

Instant purchase! Will be streaming this today and I am sure I will enjoy it on my own for many days and weeks to come!

Thanks team, you have made 2021 much more fun with these epic releases.

Thank you so much! Your words make us happy.

Having now played and streamed it... Best game of 2021 on Spectrum? Probably. One of the best Spectrum games ever made? Probably.

oh thank you so much! We are happy to read these comments. That means we have done a good job. ❤❤❤

Qué maravilla 😍 ¿Se podría incluir un dsk para nuestros +3 en la descarga?


Gracias. Lo intentaremos.

Ya está disponible el DSK 😉

Y el juego comprado también, muchas gracias! Tengo unas ganas locas de grabarlo y darle este fin de semana después de esos gameplays tan chulos. Enhorabuena, cracks! 🤗

This might be the best platform game ever for ZX Spectrum. Very clever though out and big game. Very nice controls and great music. In arcade mode there might be a bug. Going to the place in this picture I do not get the green path to walk on?

That is a feature only for extended mode. You have discover the first hidden entrance to the extra stages! 

Aha, thanks :)

Thank you! 

Muy buena pinta, ¡felicitaciones!

Hola que tal. Estoy viendo que no hay posibilidad de redifinir teclas. Yo tengo interes en comprar la edición fisica cuando lo saqueis pero si no se puede redifinir teclado me imposibilitara jugar por una discapacidad con un brazo. Ojala lo podais implementar y lo tengais en cuenta para futuras creaciones. Gracias y enhorabuena por este y todos juegazos que habeis sacado.


Hola, no hemos podido meter esa posibilidad porque estábamos a full de memoria. Es algo que lamentablemente se nos ha quedado fuera por falta de espacio. Como ves en las instrucciones, hay dos tipos de control con teclado. Si no te sirve ninguna de las dos configuraciones, estaré encantado de compilarte una versión con las teclas que me digas e incluso añadirla a tu cinta física. 

Oiga, que esto puede sentar un mal precedente! :P


Estamos haciendo historia XD

Fucking cracks

Hola, pues si que habeis apurado la memoria si, pues te agradezco almenos la posibilidad de hacer esto que me comentas . En cuanto a la versión fisica todavia no lo teneis puesto en venta verdad? he mirado en matranet pero no he visto nada para saber que precio, para valorar fisico o la compilada. Gracias!

No, la versión física va  a tardar aún unos meses.