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This is a game for the ZX Spectrum Next

There are several ways to play it:

  • Actual ZX Spectrum Next or clone such as N-GO
  • Emulators (Cspect, Zesarux)
  • FPGA devices like MisTer or Sidi using the Spectrum Next cores.

We recommend CSpect emulator for Windows users, it is very easy to run the game following the instructions included in the download.

Physical edition

Physical editions can be purchased in our store, if you are interested visit us on:

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The kingdom of Azuria was a place of peace and harmony. Its inhabitants were happy and the economy blossomed.

Thanks to the Sacred Temples, the balance between mankind and nature was maintained, allowing everyone to live a full life. 

However, the Dark Lords overran all the temples, causing chaos and spreading terror across the country with their evil troops.

Prince Kalden, heir to the throne of Azuria, is forced to journey throughout the kingdom to release the lands from the control of the Dark Lords.

The people's hopes are vested in Kalden. recovery of the temples now depends entirely on his courage, spirit and strength...


  • Side scrolling platform game
  • 5 Stages (20 zones)
  • Final bosses
  • 2xAY sound
  • Joystick and keyboard support
  • Redefinable keys (saved on SD card)
  • 2 languages (English, Spanish)


  • Graphics assets: Jarlaxe, Shackhal, CosmicOnion, aamatniekss, LYASeeK
  • Code, Music & SFX: Antonio  Pérez
  • Testing: Perretes Group, Hicks, Carlos Perezgrin
  • Text review: Richard Hallas
  • Special thanks: Duefectu, Boriel, em00k, Javi Ortiz, Bitfans_F3M0, Mr.Rancio, Dani Volatil.


Get this game and 9 more for 15.00€ EUR
View bundle
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In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of 5.00€ EUR. You will get access to the following files:

The Lost Temples 1.0.2 7 MB

Development log


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Plays fine on the KS2! Thanks for this lovely game!

This game is amazing. Thank you.

Is there a demo file game ?

No, sorry.

Great game for the spectrum next.


Any chance to play it with a normal joystick+keyboard (without be forced to play the game with a 2 or 3 buttons joypad?)
Great work, however!
Personally, I play by keyboard (also because I am a Speccy user since the '80s) but some friends that usually come to me to enjoy retrogaming can't do that, and I don't have a 2 or 3 buttons joystick.
Take care and keep up the good work!

Sorry, the game is designed for gamepads with 3 buttons which are the recommended for the Spectrum Next. I think playing joystick+keyboard is not very confortable.  


Is the digital copy available for those that have already pre-ordered/purchased the physical?

No, they are different products. 

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Enjoying the great game on my N-GO. However it is not working on CSPECT when I run on my MacBook Pro. Shovel Adventure works perfectly so I think a bug here somewhere?

After the title screen when I click the fire button the screen just goes black and the game does not start.

Look forward to news.



Hi, both games have been developed using Cspect and tested on NGO. The problem may be in using Mac OS since I think Cspect is only available for Windows. Not sure, we have not Mac computer to test it but we are sure it is not a bug in the game. 

Have you tried Zesarux for Mac? 

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Thanks for the quick reply. I am running CSPECT on Mac OSX via Mono which is working perfectly for Shovel Adventure and many other games but just not this one which is very strange. I haven’t tried ZEsarux as I’d invested time in getting CSPECT environment set up for my Next stuff. Perhaps you could find a way of testing on a Mac as I’m sure I’m not alone in running CSPECT via OSX - there’s quite a detailed set-up document on the official Next web site on how to do this.

The games are superb. Look forward to hearing from you.


Una pasada lo bien que se ve y lo bien que pinta. Ahora toca ver si cae en físico o en digital

Hi, is there a demo version to publish your game ? Is this bas or nex file ?

No demo for now. It is NEX file 

un bastinazo de juego!

Gracias pishita. 😘

Is it possible to buy a digital copy of this? Or is it only available as a physical release?


Yes, we will release it very soon. 


In case you missed it, the digital copy is already available. :)