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The "Black Pingus", a gang of thugs, are terrorizing the lands of Pinwiland with the help of other evil associates. As part of her evil plans, Pinwi's girlfriend, Ninwina, has been kidnapped and hidden somewhere in the country.

Pinwi is an expert snowball thrower and is willing to fight to get his love back, are you going to help him?

How to play

This is an Amstrad CPC 464 videogame. You can play it in a real CPC 464/6128 computer or using an emulator. We recommend Retro Virtual Machine (RVM) for the second case. 

Instructions to play using RVM:


  1. Download the CDT file. 
  2. Open RVM, create or select a CPC 464 as machine. Open that machine.
  3. Press the tape icon and insert (select) de CDT file by pressing STOP in the virtual cassette player.
  4. Type RUN" and press ENTER twice.
  5. Press PLAY in the virtual cassette player. 
  6. The game will load, wait some minutes or press FORDWARD icon to accelerate the process.


  1. Download the DSK file. 
  2. Open RVM, create or select a CPC 6128 as machine. Open that machine.
  3. Press the disc icon and then click on the floppy drive button. Click on "insert" and select the DSK file.
  4. Type RUN"DISC and press ENTER.
  5. The game will load in a few seconds.


You can use keyboard or joystick to play the game. Control Pinwi with the joystick and shoot with the fire button. 
The snowballs will be thrown in the direction that we are pressing.  There are 5 possible directions: left, up, right and their diagonals.

Slide and dodge. 

By pressing the lower diagonals (down-left and down-right) the player will be able to slide sideways and dodge enemy shots in the meantime. During the slide you will not be able to shoot. Use it wisely. 

The keys are:

O: Left 
P: Right 
Q: Up 
A: Down 
Space: Shoot
Please, download the instructions manual for more details about the gameplay.

Authors and licenses

This game was made by the Pat Morita Team. 

This game is made using the framework Pestecera by the Mojon Twins.  Special thanks to Nathan for his tools and for helping always. 

License: the included source code and all the libraries used for the game has a Creative Commons license.


According to the CPC Retrodev rules, we included a gesture to the game Larcena's Legacy. Some enemies may leave an envelope when dead. This item contains his salary as a hired thug.  It gives us extra points and should not be missed if we want to finish the stage with a "Perfect" bonus (read the manual for more information).

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Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorPat Morita Team
Tags8-Bit, Amstrad CPC, mk1, pestecera, Pixel Art, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Joystick


Buy Now1.99€ EUR or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of 1.99€ EUR. You will get access to the following files:

Penguin Attack Instruction Manual (English).pdf 627 kB
Penguin Attack Manual Instrucciones (Castellano).pdf 629 kB
Penguin Attack V1.0.2 [CDT] 30 kB
Penguin_Attack_V1.0.2 [DSK] 190 kB
Penguin_Attack_V1.0.1 [Mass Storage].dsk 190 kB
Penguin Attack V1.01 [CPR] by AYOR61 512 kB

Development log


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I really love these type of 8-bit games. and the penguins are so cute!! 😄😄

The game doesn't work on my M4 board!!!😭

We have uploaded a compatible DSK now. Please, try "Penguin_Attack_V1.0.1 [Mass Storage].dsk"

Thank you...now it works perfectly and it's a beautiful and very fun game, just like I imagined it!❤️

Thanks for the update !

(2 edits)

Muy adictivo y,  para mi, el verdadero ganador de la "CPC Retrodev 2022"...había que decirlo y se dijo.

Cómpralo, no te arrepentirás. Simplemente genial!!!

Muchas gracias. ❤

Menudas viciadas están cayendo a este Penguin Attack! Un trabajo excelente, a nivel sonoro (con varias pistas),  gráfico (unos diseños de sprites y animaciones geniales asi como los propios niveles) y jugable (con una suavidad en el control del personaje genial). Presiento que van a seguir cayendo muchas partidas. Mil gracias!

Muchísimas gracias!! Eso espero, que hasta el domingo hay tiempo de enseñar esos peaso de records. 😄

Vaya viciada de juego, boooooommmmmm

Muchas gracias! Nos alegra que te haya gustado :)

Nice game! More information about our German-language review can be found here (switch on automatic subtitles, if necessary). Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome!

Top game, congrats!!

Thank you!

Great game, fantastic work from Pats team.


Another great game from Pat Morita's team. Cool, very cool graphics, music, sounds and gameplay. It's just an another must have game!

Thanks dude!

OMG... I love it! very cute game!! it's retro appearance is very enjoyable!

Thanks Francesc! 

game over, that’s it… you win CPCRetroDev2022 I don’t have to see any other game! 😂 absolutely love it! Well done!!!

Thank you! But please, try the other games, their authors have made a big effort and I am sure you will find other great jobs among the submmitions. 


 I’ll definitely try every game, but this is a tough one to follow, and it’s the first I’ve played this year! 😂

very good

Thanks Marco 🍻

How Cool :-D
How Cute :-D
Too bad this team doesn't make any versions for the MSX...

Never say ever. 😉

Receive our sincere congratulations.  I´m pretty sure that your game will become faster a classic one. Greetings Pat Morita Team.

Thanks for your words! 🙏

Awesome game!

Thanks! Get the fishes! :)

Enhorabuena por el juego, es super divertido! Os deseo mucho exito, saludos!

Gracias amigo.