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ENGLISH: The night was quite until the Twin witches Candel and Alice began to play around the treause of Kalela Kingdom, which they should look after to gain the title of Royal Magicians.

Suddenly, the collision of their magic wands provoked their fusion and a great tornado that scattered the treasure throughout the kingdom.

Now they must recover all the diamonds to settle up their debt to the king and obtain forgiveness from their teacher who will free them from the spell, by using their magic, it doesn't matter if black or white.


ESPAÑOL: La noche parecía tranquila hasta que las brujitas gemelas Candel y Alice comenzaron a jugar con sus varitas junto al tesoro del Reino de Kalela, que debían vigilar para ganarse el título de magas reales. 

De repente, el choque de sus varitas provocó la fusión de ambas brujitas y un fuerte tornado mágico que se llevó consigo el gran tesoro de diamantes, repartiéndolos por todo el Reino. 

Ahora, para saldar su deuda con el Rey y obtener el perdón de su maestra liberándolas del hechizo, deberán recuperar hasta el último de los diamantes usando sus magias, no importa si negra o blanca...


Genre: Arcade - Puzzle - Platform
Players: 1
Worlds: 6
Screens: 64
Controles: Keyboard & joysticks.
Continue: Passwords every World.

Objetive / Objetivo:

ENGLISH:  Collect all diamonds in screen before the time ends. Use your magic to break the balls of your same color (black/white) and to paralize enemies for a while. 
If your magic bar is empty, it will flash and you need to recharge it at magic cristals. But remember that every recharge changes your color.

There are 6 world to complete: High Mountains, The Dark Woods, Coconuts Beach, Creepy Castle, The Cavern and the Aztec Pyramid.


ESPAÑOL: Recolecta todos los diamantes de la pantalla antes de que el tiempo se agote. Para ello, usa tu magia para romper los bloques de tu mismo color y para paralizar a los enemigos unos segundos.

Si tu barra de magia se agota, comenzará a parpadear y deberás recargarla en los cristales mágicos, pero recuerda que la recarga te cambiará de color.

Hay 6 mundos que recorrer: High Mountains, The Dark Woods, Coconuts Beach, Creepy Castle, The Cavern y Aztec Pyramid.


Menu control:
Change option: Space bar
Select option: Enter

Default keys (redefinible)
Left: O
Right: P
Magic: Space
Abort: Y (1 life loose)
Pause: J

Joyticks: Kempston / Sinclair


Program, music, sounds and original concept: Antonio J. Pérez
Graphics: Jarlaxe
Testing: Perretes Group (Antxiko, Ed Verde, Volatil, Guindako).
Cover illustration: Sergio Balsalobre
Used utilities:
Engine: MK2 by Mojon Twins
WyzFx2Asm: Sergio thEpOpE
TZX Loader by Javier Peña
SevenUp, Mappy, WYZTracker
Special Thanks to: Nathan (Mojon Twins), Sergio Llata, Javi Ortiz, Juanfran, JMV, RetroSevilla

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorPat Morita Team
Tags2D, Arcade, Puzzle-Platformer, Singleplayer, ZX Spectrum


Get this game and 9 more for 15.00€ EUR
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Brilliant little game, streamed it today on Twitch and everyone loved it. Good job guys!

Beautiful and certainly provides a challenge! Perfect for a cloudy, quarantine day. Cheers from Portugal and keep up the good work!

(1 edit)

Thank you! Stay safe 😘

Hi, great game! Is there a bug on World 6-7? I can't get to the the two platforms on the bottom left of the screen indicated on this image:

Thanks for the report! It has been fixed now. 

This is the reason why it is not advisable to make last minute changes. XD

Please, Download the 1.1 version.

Thanks for fixing it! Could you please provide a snapshot at the start of World 6-7? I don't feel like playing through all the previous levels again to get to it. Thanks.

Please write at patmorita77@gmail.com